Venue Finding

What is Venue Finding?

Venue finding isn’t rocket science and sadly we can’t pretend it is. However – venue finding is hard work, time consuming and can use up a lot of resources

The venue finding service we provide means that we will take away the headache of finding the perfect venue for your next meeting, conference or event.

Why Get Poisson Rouge to Find Your Venue for You?

Applying a tiny modicom of science (well basic maths anyway) – Poisson Rouge has been organising up to several hundred events a year since 1992. That means that we have probably worked with somewhere in the region of over 2000 venues worldwide.

With this depth of experience we know what venues work for what groups sizes, for what events, what price bands they fall into – what access is like, what the food is like and thus we are pretty good at getting you what you need.

What Does Venue Finding Support Cost?

There is a great reason to let us help you with your venue finding and that is that the Poisson Rouge’s venue finding service is absolutely FREE. Yes that’s right… it costs niet, nil, nothing, nada, not a sausage, nil, zero, zip, the big O, nowt, bugger all.

In case you are wondering how it can be free – well the answer is simple. We get agency commission from venues usually at 8% of pre-booked expenditure. This is industry standard and does not affect the venue price to you in any way.

On the rare occasions that you wish to use a venue we have found that does not pay agency commission – we will tell you in advance and will add an 8% management fee for our service

So if you are planning an event of any sort and need help finding a venue why not let us do the donkey work.


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