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"“Combining my marketing team and any challenge involving alcohol predictably let the juices flow! Enjoyable and positive event to stretch minds... Thank you”." Marketing Director - Scottish Equitable

The Wine Challenge

In Britain one of the most popular TV programmes of recent years has been the Apprentice where teams must find, make, design, create, promote and sell products. It’s so compelling because without working as a team they just don’t succeed… The Wine Challenge follows this format

Wine is subject close to the hearts of many – and even for those who don’t drink – the creativity, imagination and commercial nouse required to make a product and take it to market makes this team activity a truly compelling event.

How it Works

This team building activity starts in the only sensible way possible …….with a wine tasting!

We walk the teams through a variety of wines (usually red) to establish a base knowledge of grapes, regions and what wines sell to whom and why.

Our tasting session is short, informative and fun and if nothing else you will learn the golden rule..”If it doesn’t taste right for you – don’t put it in your body!”

Following the tasting we divide the group into teams and introduce each team to their own production tables.

At their tables they will find:

  • Raw wines – These are different varieties of wines – some premium – some economy – all of varying styles, origins, price points and depths.
  • Bottling equipment (corking contraptions. foils, labels etc)
  • Variety of empty glass wine bottles of differing styles
  • Creative equipment

The Main Team Objective

Each team must first decide who they are making wine for (ie which market). If it’s a premium product to be sold through high class restaurants – top end wine brokers etc – what should the price point be – what should the label look like – what bottle shape would work. If it’s for students – the same process applies – what are the offers – why and how could it appeal to this group of consumers.

Having decided all this and created a strategy – each team must then

Blend and bottle their wine (how much good wine – how much cheap wine etc)

  • Create marketing collateral (poster, mood boards, film, powerpoint, lables, radio ads etc.)
  • Brand their wine
  • Create a marketing presentation
  • Produce a short TV commercial – to be performed live (or can be filmed)

Compelling Teamwork

The wine market is huge and wine is a product close to the hearts of many – even for those who don’t drink alcohol – the creativity, imagination and commercial nouse required to make a product and take it to market makes this a truly compelling team building activity.

Your challenge is to create a sound commercial strategy, a great product and a creative representation… simples!

Learning & Development Outcomes

Learning & Development Outcomes

  • Commerciality
  • Communication
  • Creative Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Customer Focus
  • Innovation
  • Presentation
  • Product Development
This is just what we need!


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