Vocal Power Challenge


The Vocal Power Challenge is a fabulous high energy team team building activity perfect for any requirement from a 1 hour energiser at a conference to a full day’s team building and everything in between

Singing is something we’ve all done but many of us don’t do because we either think we can’t or because we simply don’t get the chance.

This team activity has nothing to do with talent – it’s about passion, creativity, teamwork, trust, letting go and having fun. It’s also about overcoming self limiting belief…….and it’s a ridiculous amount of fun!

"The only thing better than singing is more singing!" Ella Fitzgerald

It’s a well-known fact that singing gets the blood pumping! A good tune, belted out with gusto ­creates endorphins and a feel-good factor not dissimilar to eating chocolate or another popular passtime (ahem)!

Working with our professional musical director / facilitators we use singing, music combined with high energy facilitation and some hand percussion to break down barriers and empower delegates.

We take delegates on a high-speed journey from ‘out of comfort zone’ to ‘show choir’ stardom.

Safety in numbers means that no one is in the spotlight and whilst there are the ‘mumblers’ and the ‘belters’ – it’s is the sound of the whole group ­ in harmony that really makes this unique.

This activity is extraordinarily and totally engaging and will create a euphoric and natural high – the perfect energiser


Learning & Development Outcomes

Learning & Development Outcomes

  • Extraordinary Results
  • Fun
  • Showbiz
  • Team Work
This is just what we need!


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