The Cocktail Challenge


Vodka Martini – “Shaken not Stirred”

"Feedback from the team has been very positive, they enjoyed your energy and the way everyone was engaged in the activities. From my perspective it was a resounding success. Thank you." Global Treasury - Bank of America - Merrill Lynch

How it Works

There are 3 parts to the Cocktail Challenge – each exporing a different aspect of the world of cocktail making, cocktail shaking and cocktail inventing.

Having divided the group into teams – we invite the teams to rotate through these 3 stages before finishing with the Cocktail Grand Challenge finale

Stage 1: – The Drinks (World Famous Cocktails)

Our professional cocktail barmen will teach delegates to shake up some of the most popular classic and contemporary cocktail concoctions from around the world including favourites such as the ‘Sling’, the ‘Mule’, the ‘Daiquiri’, the ‘Bramble’, the ‘Iced Tea’ and many more.

We also include non alcoholic cocktails to ensure total inclusivity for those who prefer not to drink alcohol.

In this session – you will have a chance to make delicious cocktails and create some superb tasting fresh fruit smoothies and learn how to cut eye catching garnishes and present with relevant glassware, napkins et al. .

Stage 2: – The Knowledge (Spirit Tasting & Layering)

This is the dark art of ‘Mixology’.  Learn what spirits or juices mix well together and what it takes to layer a cocktail. This session involves tasting and experimenting with a range of exotic and mainstream spirits and juices to really understand flavour combinations and why somethings work and some just don’t.

Stage 3: – The Fun, the Flair!

If you’ve seen the films ‘Cocktail’ or ‘Coyote Ugly’ you’ll know what we mean

Our Flair School instructors and professional barmen and barwomen will develop a small routine with each group to put into practice behind the bar.  A great opportunity to impress your colleagues with the ultimate Tom Cruise moves!

This involves bottle juggling, ice throwing and fruit flipping. (NB – we practice with hard plastic dummy bottles and rubber mats just to ensure safety)

We then end with a ‘Ready Steady Cocktail’ style competition where the best bartender(s) from each group fight it out to create the perfect cocktail using their new knowledge and presentation skills.

This activity is superb fun – great for an end of day or pre dinner event – and despite the fact that we provide fully stocked cocktail bars with premium spirits and fine liquers – the emphasis is on the teamwork and creativity – not the drinking!

Learning & Development Outcomes

  • Commerciality
  • Communication
  • Competition
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Laughter
  • Team Work
This is just what we need!


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