Team Dynamics


Our challenge was always to create a team building process that is fun, flexible, challenging, creative and meaningful. Team Dynamics is all of those things. Whether you need a 5 minute energiser or a full day of team tasks and challenges – Team Dynamics is ideal.

"The day went very well indeed and the Team Dynamics was great fun. Thank You for everything!" Event Co-ordinator - Sanofi Aventis

Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics is without question one of Poisson Rouge’s most flexible team building and team performance activities.

It is designed to fit into any agenda – be it conference, meeting, offsite, team building day or development agenda

The challenge with building teams is that everyone has a different idea about what a team building ‘process’ should be like.

HOWEVER – Everyone wants and needs the same result – namely to create teams that work well together, communicate effectively and understand each other.

To all this we add the imperative that the process must be FUN!

Team Dynamics is not just one thing – it is in fact a ‘TOOLKIT’ of many things and thus no two Team Dynamics events are ever the same.

We use our 27+ years of experience to create the best possible solution to fit your budget, your development objectives, your schedule and your venue.

One hour or one day, Team Dynamics can fulfil any need and for any amount of people (our record thus far for this event is 900 people at once for 3 hours!) although on August 5th this year 2016 we will break this record with a team dynamics event for 1000+ delegates.

Why Team Dynamics

You are looking for a team building activity which is fun, yet has some real tangible outputs. You want it to be memorable and not naff. You are taking the need to develop the team seriously but not taking yourself too serioulsy. You want it to be fun. You don’t want it to cost the earth.

With Team Dynamics we start by understanding your needs.

If required we can carry our pre-work to profile team members using psychometrics or research to fully understand what’s happening within your company and team.

Where no pre work is relevant – we’ll listen to what you want – make sure we understand that fully then offer a range of exciting and creative activities from our Team Dynamics tool-kit to meet your needs.

Flexible & Great Value

We provide all the equipment, resources and skilled facilitators and will happily work with and alongside your own HR & L&D functions.

We charge for our time,  the number of facilitators required and amount of equipment needed.

Pro rata – Team Dynamics is one of the best value team building options available anywhere.

….and no matter what the agenda – all delegates will leave with a smile on their face , a story to tell and at least one or two actions that will make a difference to their team performance.

What is Team Dynamics?

Team Dynamics is a series of different exercises, activities and challenges. Some are cerebral, some are physical, some are spatial all are challenging and all are designed to create noise – noise around how the team can be a better team.

We want to surprise, challenge , delight, stretch and engage you so we might get you to catch a tennis ball on the back of your neck – we might see if you can jointly memorise a deck of 52 cards in under 2 minutes – we might teach you magic – we might get you to assemble a marquee blindfolded – we might ask you to invent a new language, we might get you to build a roller coaster

…whatever we do – you will smile and you will get it.

Learning & Development Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Competition
  • Creative Thinking
  • Discovery
  • Fun
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Presentation
  • Problem Solving
  • Profiling
  • Shared Expertise
  • Team Work
  • Time Management
This is just what we need!


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