Spy Challenge


A cunning, fast moving, competitive and challenging team building event where spy school meets treasure hunt.

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The Spy Challenge

The Spy Challenge is a great team activity – it is a huge amount of fun and appeals to the James Bond in us all!

It is team building activity that is a combination of treasure hunt  / scavenger trail / team event and it works superbly as part of a conference or meeting and as a stand alone corporate activity.

The Spy Challenge is one of the most flexible of our Poisson Rouge team offerings as the location can be a country hotel, a conference centre, an area, a town or pretty much anywhere.

It is ideal for a half day or whole day.

How it Works

The day begins with teams attending “Spy School” in which delegates will be taught and tested on key skills such as observation, code breaking , problem solving, memory tasks, creative thinking, physical command tasks, map reading and so much more.

Using these newly learned skills teams will then have to solve clues and use the information gleaned to find ‘mission trophies’ in and around the venue or designated area.

Clues will take teams into the hotel grounds, local woods, fields, local villages and of course the venue itself.

Communication is key as teams will have to set up a command and control system so that they can utilize their resources to best effect – making sure their team covers as much ground as possible and completes as many tasks and challenges as they can.

We tailor each mission to the client in question – so the trail may be to find hidden ballistics to launch a rocket or find the keys to a new vehicle – the variety is endless.

Learning & Development Outcomes

This is just what we need!


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