The Rhythm Challenge


“Everything in the Universe has a rhythm – Everything dances!”

Maya Angelou

"We were really impressed by the level of professionalism your team demonstrated. Your facilitators did a fantastic job and made our event a huge success. We like novelty and we like reliable people - thank you" Fed Ex

The Rhythm Challenge

The Rhythm Challenge is a superb way of bringing people together, breaking down barriers, creating a real team atmosphere, boosting energy, motivating and having an enormous amount of fun.

Good for any size group and applicable just about anywhere (where we can make some noise)

30 minutes or a whole day – this is a truly memorable team building activity.

It doesn’t matter how much musical talent you do or don’t have

We bring the percussion instruments and drums (Samba, African, Eastern, contemporary, home made) and you make the music.

Get into the groove – become one amazing team and dance like no-one ‘s watching!


How it Works

The event starts with a few vocal and rhythm exercises – to get everyone warmed up and in the mood. This is done with the whole group all together.

We then follow our lead musicians / drumming facilitators taking turns to try our hand at different percussion instruments (snare drums, Dun duns, djembes, surdos, cow bells, cuicas, tambors, whistles, chocalhos, boomwhackers…… and let’s not forget our voices.

Once basic rhythms have been set – we break the group into teams and each team masters a rhythmic layer with their allocated instruments

Finally we bring everyone back together to create a truly astounding performance.

There is no music talent required.

Even if you have had your rhythm gland removed at birth – the collective sound made by the group will simply blow your mind.

If you want to energise and motivate your teams – this is the most powerful and instant way to do it (legally!)

Learning & Development Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Extraordinary Results
  • Fun
  • Intra Team Co-operation
  • Laughter
  • Motivation
  • Shared Expertise
  • Trust
This is just what we need!


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