Metropoly Challenge


We’ve all played Monopoly but this time you’re playing for real!

Solve the clues, collect the sets, visit the sights and have fun …oh and you’d better be smart whilst you’re at it because it’s very competitive!

"Good to meet you last week, I hear last night was a roaring success so thank you!" Senior Manager - Burberry

The Metropoly Challenge

The Metropoly challenge is a fantastic team building treasure hunt style activity and in nearly 30 years has proven to be one of our most popular.

It’s an excellent way of seeing and exploring a town or city. It works brilliantly as a team building event – a conference break-out , a fund raiser, a promotional event or just for fun.

Whilst the format is in someways similar to the board game we can and often do  tailor the activity to embed and include a focus on customer brands, products, business lingo, people and development agendas .

To win – teams must be competitive, creative, focused and above all else – work as a team.


How it Works

As with all our team activities we start by sorting the group into teams.

Following a briefing – each team is given a Metropoly Challenge team building rucksack containing some or all of the following:

Rail Passes / Maps / Umbrellas / Clipboard / Pens / Ipad with 4G unlimited data / Polaroid wide format Fuji Instax cameras  / Clue sheets

The team challenge always has far more in it than can be achieved in the time given so the first task is for teams to plan their route and work out which clues to go after and which to leave.

As in the board game teams collect points by visiting places in the challenge and collecting properties by photographing or filming their team in each location with full sets of locations receiving bonus points.

In addition “Treasure Trove” and “Pot Luck” challenge tasks earn bonus points. These include problem solving, writing poems, finding landmarks, map reading, general knowledge, scavenge retrieval, making films…and so much more

There are 2 versions of the game – one using Polaroid instant cameras and one using Ipads.

The Metropoly event using Polaroids is retro, fun and it provides a collection of instant photos which serve as fantastic mementos of the event.

The version using 4G ipads is leading edge – using GPS – geo location software allowing for filming, live interaction and instant results.

Both are fabulous and both are equally popular.


Travel is by foot and /or local transport – whatever is available – bike, tube, rail, bus, boat …it’s up to you!

And the Winner is…

To end the challenge teams report to a pre agreed finish point – (usually a pub or restaurant) where packs are handed in,  scores worked out and well earned drinks enjoyed before the winners are announced and prizes awarded.

The Metropoly Challenge is currently available is over 40 existing locations worldwide and we are happy to set one up specifically for your team if we haven’t done one there before.

The Metropoly Challenge can last half a day or a full day.

Learning & Development Outcomes

Learning & Development Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Competition
  • Fun
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Work
  • Time Management
  • Treasure Hunt
This is just what we need!


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