• The Food Art Challenge

    As a child you were probably told not to play with your food… Well in this creative and fun team building activity YOU CAN!

  • Vocal Power Challenge

    The Vocal Power Challenge is a fabulous high energy team team building activity perfect for any requirement from a 1 hour energiser at a conference to a full day’s team building and everything in between

  • Chill Out Challenge – Team Energiser

    A unique, fun, and interactive team energiser activity using Tai Chi and Yoga techniques to inject life and energy into conferences, meetings and team events – It’s where BENDING meets BONDING

  • Catwalk Challenge

    The Catwalk Challenge is a creative team building event that focuses on style, fashion and presentation and thus is a superb way to bond teams


  • Mosaic Challenge

    The Mosaic Challenge is a supremely creative, engaging and complex team building activity which requires, focus, teamwork and trust.

    The results are simply extraordinary in a WOW kind of way!


  • Chocolate Challenge

    A fun team building event in which you get to learn about chocolate, make chocolate, eat chocolate and leave with a stunning  box of delicious, hand made chocolate truffles (made by you) …oh and there’s a bit of teamwork thrown in too – What’s not to like!

  • Boomwhacker Challenge

    A superb team activity ideal for energisers, conference break-outs or stand alone team building sessions. Boomwhackers are brightly coloured plastic tubes which make unique polyphonic music and the results are truly incredible.

  • The Diamond Challenge

    A Unique, clever and compelling team event for cocktail receptions or dinner events where at least one lucky persons wins a real, certificated, high quality Diamond.

  • The Rhythm Challenge

    The Rhythm Challenge is a unique, fun, high-energy team activity based on one of the most ancient and powerful forms of communication – music and drumming!

  • The Red Box Challenge

    The Red Box Challenge – the ultimate table top quiz activity for lunch events, dinner events and networking.

  • The Cocktail Challenge

    A superb team building activity where you learn to make, shake and serve cocktails….and you get to drink some too!

  • Antiques Challenge

    A fun, interactive and intelligent team activity where the “Antiques Roadshow” meets “Call My Bluff”.

  • Film Challenge

    The Film Challenge is a  supremely creative team building event in which teams must write, direct, produce, record to camera and act in a short film

  • Spy Challenge

    The Spy Challenge – “Spy school”, observation, camouflage, codes, secret comms, clue trails and villains! – Whats not to like?

  • Team Dynamics

    Team Dynamics is a tool-kit of team games, team challenges, and mental, physical and creative activities. It is very flexible and can last for 20 mins or a whole day.

  • Wine Challenge

    A team building challenge in which teams design, blend, bottle, lable and promote a new wine

  • The Magic Challenge

    The Magic Challenge (The Illusion of teams) involves influencing, communication, presentation and sheer delight – a magical team building experience.

  • Ice Cream Challenge

    Your team has just a few hours to create a new ice cream product, brand it, package it , make it, promote it and then – of course – eat it (Yum!)

  • The Art Challenge

    Possibly the ultimate team build this activity gets a team of any size to work together to produce incredible artworks on a massive scale