The Food Art Challenge


The Food Art Challenge is one of our many artistic team building activities. This is unique as you are forced to let go and think outside the box. It doesn’t matter how artistic you think you are (or aren’t), everybody knows food – get stuck in and see what combined creative minds can unlock!

"Thank you both once again, for the amount of effort and engagement and planning that went into our day of fun!! The team is endlessly talking about it, it was really so so much fun." Ani Fuller - Vita Mojo

The Food Art Challenge

Creativity, planning, teamwork, lateral thinking, leadership and effective communication are all vital ingredients in the Food Art Challenge.

The theme of the required pictures will be based on the theme of the conference, team event or offsite.

Finished pictures are photographed and put on display while the judges select the winning team.



How it Works

The challenge begins with a food trivia quiz.  In this round teams will need to identify obscure food items, suggest food pairings, participate in blind taste tests and identify a number of aromas from the Food Art Challenge scent library.

For each correct answer in the quiz the team earns one food item which they can select from the ‘food art market.’

Working as a team, delegates must then create a piece of food art. This may be an advert, a poster or a photograph but it must be made entirely from food items.

Learning & Development Outcomes

This is just what we need!


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