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 Lights – Camera – Action!

"Thanks again for all your help last week with the Film Challenge - we look forward to working with you again next summer." Learning Solutions - Royal Bank of Canada

The Film Challenge

Making a film is possibly the ultimate team task. Not everyone wants to be immortalized on screen but a good film needs writers, directors, costumes, make up – cameramen, actors, voice overs…the list of tasks is endless.

The great thing about the film challenge is that it bonds teams in a creative, complex and yet hugely entertaining process that is great fun to take part in and brilliant to watch at the end  (preferably with a well earned cocktail or cooling soft drink in hand!)

How it Works

Following a briefing  to the whole group each team must first work out their script and their story board.

During this planning process teams nominate a representative Film Crew person from their team who will attend a short ‘how to’ master class on using the camera equipment for best results. This session is run by one of our Poisson Rouge – professional film production team.

Once story boards have been agreed a processes of bartering or as we like to call it – the ‘bun fight’ – begins. Each team can visit the wardrobe department which will be set up in another room or location from which a few items, props, costumes , makeup, wigs etc can be borrowed. If another team has a prop that you need then bartering commences.

From the start – teams  have just a few hours to make their films before they must hand in the finished masterpiece.

There’s no ‘post production’ or edit facility provided as standard (it can be provided but is expensive) so all film production has to be done ‘in-line’ and  ‘in camera’.  Rehearsal and re-takes are thus vital

And The Oscar Goes to…

Films are ‘stitched’ together by the Poisson Rouge event production team in order that they can then be screened later that day at an ‘Oscars’ awards ceremony – either at the end of the event or at dinner.

Once winner are announced and acceptance speeches over – all films are handed over on a memory stick.

The Film Challenge can last half a day or a full day and the themes can be anything from serious corporate content specific to your company to fantasy entertainment (James Bond meets Harry Potter etc)

The film challenge can be delivered anywhere and creates a truly lasting impact!

Learning & Development Outcomes

Learning & Development Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Competition
  • Creative Thinking
  • Fun
  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Time Management
  • Trust
This is just what we need!


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