The Diamond Challenge


“The best things in life are free – the second best are extremely expensive”

Coco Chanel

"Poisson Rouge were very helpful and capable in organising the Diamond Challenge at our annual fundraising dinner. Our 600 guests were thrilled and excited by the opportunity to win real diamonds. Good work! - PS - We raised £125k" Director - Ronald Macdonald House Charities

The Diamond Challenge

Guests are invited to a cocktail reception or dinner and to kick things… a glass of fizz. Only this reception is one in a million as each glass has a diamond in it!

This team event invites guests to work out if they have a real diamond or a fake and for the winner who finds the real diamond – it’s theirs to keep!

How it Works

The Diamond Challenge is inspirational, exciting and guarantees to get your guests talking about the event for months or even years afterwards.

On arrival each guest is invited to select a glass of fizz from carefully pre-prepared trays laid out in diamond formation.

Delegates are warned to take care as in the bottom of each glass is a near perfect 1 carat diamond (size may vary according to budget).

All but one of the diamonds are Zircons (artificial diamonds) with a value of about £0.20. The real diamond is however, identical in size, colour and appearance but with a street value of £1000+.

Around the room on occasional tables are ‘loups’ (jewellers’ eye glasses), gem trays, gem callipers and all the equipment required to examine a gemstone.

Following an introduction by our facilitator / diamond expert – each guest is given the chance to examine their stone.

Guests are invited to trade theirs with a colleague or even to switch the one they have for another from the event team.

Finally – through a process of elimination there are just a handful of guests still remaining in with a chance.

To finish we identify which person has won the real diamond.

Using specialist equipment we verify that the winner does actually have the real diamond before presenting the winner with a gemology certificate of authentification, the envelope and of course the diamond itself.

The Diamond Challenge can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour and longer if part of a broader dinner event.

It is a unique idea for any gala or awards dinner and ideal for a fundraiser.

Learning & Development Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Competition
  • Fun
  • Fundraising
  • Intrigue
  • Laughter
  • Networking
This is just what we need!


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