Chill Out Challenge – Team Energiser


A unique, fun, and interactive team energiser activity using Tai Chi and Yoga techniques to inject life and energy into conferences, meetings and team events – It’s where BENDING meets BONDING

"If you have time for 'Facebook' - You have time for Yoga"

The Chill Out Challenge

The Chill Out Challenge is a unique team energiser activity for team building, as a conference or event energiser and as a team engagement activity.

We call this the ‘warrior workout’ -… in this case the corporate warrior – in which we use simple breathing and stretching  techniques borrowed from Tai Chi and yoga to energise, enthuse, motivate and envigorate delegates.

This is where BENDING meets BONDING

How it Works

Based on the fact that most people are stressed, work too hard, work too long and at too high a personal cost – the chill-out challenge is about redressing the balance.

The challenge introduces participants to the many ways in which yoga can raise energy levels, conquer stress, develop teamwork and create peace of mind.

There are many elements and we tailor each activity to your group, your timings and your requirements which means this is a totally flexible activity

Whether you want to energise a conference audience, boost morale and energy in your team or spend a whole day exploring how to improve the connection and performance of your team – The Chill out Challenge is truly unique.

 1 – The Warrior Work-Out

Using a dynamic series of energising Yoga Poses delegates will release previously untapped reserves of energy, confidence and focus. We use yoga to promote stamina, strength, fitness and vitality.

Delegates will be truly amazed at the challenges they can overcome and the new heights of achievement they can reach just by stretching and manoevering their bodies in certain ways – no equipment required.

2 –  Corporate Bending – Yoga for Team Work

Both fun and funny, this is a series of partner based yoga activities that promotes trust, teamwork and effective communication between team members. It is truly amazing what you can achieve with the support of a partner / coach and you don’t have to be an expert.

3 –  Desk / Chair Bound Yoga

We all spend way too much time hunched over our computers but our bodies weren’t designed to do this. These short exercises are fun and invaluable ways of learning how to remove the ‘slouch’ and get you feeling fantastic – at your desk!

4 –  The Chill

Tired ? Nearly got Fired? Energy Expired?

This is a soothing, indulgent, relaxing and incredible session on posture, breathing…all about letting go rather than constantly summoning more effort.

We’ll help you create deep peace and lots of release.

5 –  Tai Chi

More like a flowing ballet than conventional yoga – this Martial Art – has grace and real power.

The slow pace of the movements creates calmness whilst generating unbelievable energy!

If you do one new thing at your next conference or team meeting – Do Thai Chi!




Learning & Development Outcomes

  • Business Networking
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Customer Focus
  • Fun
  • Laughter
  • Self Discovery
  • Team Work
  • Trust
This is just what we need!


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