The Art Challenge


Exploring the dark art of team building


"We had a fantastic time and everyone was absolutely amazed at the end result! All I have heard since that day is “when is our picture going on the wall?!!” " Pepsico

The Art Challenge

Team building for many is a “dark art”.

Often the process of running a team building event is engaging and fun and the messaging implicit but sometimes people struggle to connect the what we have just done with the why have we done it.

The Art Challenge however is extraordinary. Working on a very complex and seemingly impossible task – the results simply stun delegates and success can only be achieved through total team co-operation, shared goals and effective teamwork.

It is also one of the few team building activities that has a lasting impact as you will want to keep and display the end result.

How it Works

Your entire group whether its 20 people or 200 have to work together to draw and then paint a giant masterpiece.

It could be a 30ft Picasso to act as a backdrop for your conference – a bespoke image commissioned for your event to bring to life key themes in the business or simply a stunning image to hang on the office wall.

What is guaranteed is that the end results will stun the entire group not into silence – but into wild cheering!

Each painting is made up of a ‘jigsaw’ of connecting canvasses.

The task for each team is to first work out where their canvasses fit within the overall image. (They have two to complete per team)

Having worked this out teams must then draw their bit of the big picture onto their canvasses copying a template. To make sure that picture flows and that all the ‘pieces’ join up – each team must communicate and compare their canvasses side by side with those of other teams.

Once the whole picture is drawn the canvasses must then be painted.

Teams never see the actual image until it is complete and to make it harder still teams must communicate and agree on which colours to use as we only supply  base colours – all shades and variants of colour (ie light blue, sunny yellow etc) must be mixed.

Although complex – careful and clever facilitation ensures that the final picture comes together with spectacular results.

The activity will last 2 to 3 hours and can accommodate any size group.

Learning & Development Outcomes

Learning & Development Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Extraordinary Results
  • Fun
  • Intra Team Co-operation
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Resource Management
  • Team Work
  • Time Management
This is just what we need!


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