Antiques Challenge


Regency or Rogue – Roman or Romford market – can you spot a real antique from a fake?


" Thank you for your efforts on the evening. I think as you saw the mood in the room was very good, and subsequent feedback was everyone enjoyed it very much. Your personality and rapport were a big part of that." CEO - Lazard Asset Management

The Antique Challenge

The Antiques Challenge is a unique team building, team networking and team engagement activity based on Antiques (there’s a clue in the name!)

Like wine, art, watches, cars and so many other things in life – we all think we know a bit about the subject but often the reality is we don’t know not that much. However the wisdom of crowds means that as a team we may know more than we expect.

This activity has the thrill of finding out something that looks like a piece of rubbish is worth a fortune or equally something magnificent is actually a copy – made last year in China and sold for £2.

How it Works

We begin by putting delegates into teams (if at a dinner this could be your table mates).

We then brief all the teams about what they have to do and give each team their Antiques Challenge catalogue. Just like at an antiques auction  – within each catalogue is a series of pictures of antiquarian objects.

The real objects are located on tables around the room.

Task 1 – Antique Inspection

Teams can approach the tables and are invited to look at, handle (with care), examine and discuss the antique and ancient artefacts. For each item they must decide and agree its age – its provenance / origin – whether they think it is real or fake and assess what they think it might be worth at auction. (NB: Some of the items are very valuable)

Answers are written into the catalogue

Task 2 –  Call My Bluff

Within the catalogue – each team will also have series of pictures of very rare and unusual antiquarian objects the uses of which are far from clear.

Each team will be uniquely allocated one of those objects and will be furnished with the real definition for their object. The team must then create two additional, totally plausible but totally fake definitions for their allocated object.

Taking it in turn each team must present their three definitions for their object and try to convince the rest of the teams to vote for one of their made up explanations as the truth.

The Antique Challenge is a fun, competitive, intellectually stimulating and ideal activity which works well as an event to accompany a lunch or dinner or drinks reception.

It’s also ideal as a stand-alone team building event, for networking and having fun!

The Antiques challenge can last between 1-3 hours.

Learning & Development Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Competition
  • Creative Thinking
  • Fun
  • Negotiation
  • Shared Expertise
  • Team Work
This is just what we need!


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