Presentation Skills


How do you communicate? What style do you prefer? How much time do you invest in getting the content right? What method of delivery works best for you?

The Poison Rouge Presentation Skills training will help you communicate exactly what your audience needs, communicating your ideas with clarity and enthusiasm.

Why be part of a Poisson Rouge Presentation Skills Course?

  • Win a new business pitch?
  • Engage with new prospects?
  • Chair a meeting?
  • Motivate your team?
  • Interview a job applicant?
  • Manage a conflict?

Whatever the reason this programme will teach you the best way to connect with your audience.

In other words we will teach YOU the best way to sell YOU.

Learning & Development

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Influencing
  • Negotiation
  • Personal Impact
  • Rapport Building
""It takes at least three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech"" Mark Twain

How it Works

We start by inviting delegates to come with a short prepared speech about a subject they are very comfortable with, know a lot about and are happy to talk about. It could be their kids or football or wine ..anything as long as they have passion for the subject.

Following some warm up exercises to put everyone at ease each person is invited to make a short presentation of their subject. (We record these to camera).

Steps to Success

Now we look at all the constituent parts of what it takes to make an effective presentation

  • Body control (Body Language) to reduce nervousness through relaxation, focus and concentration and deliver a positive image
  • Communicating using voice, body and gestures more effectively
  • Planning presentations by researching your audience, location and subject
  • Generating a script / prompt sheet by dissecting the content and identifying your key objectives and subtext
  • Creative use of empathy, imagery, story-telling and imagination
  • Importance of timing, pause and rhythm
  • The impact of physical appearance, props and visual aids, including PowerPoint
  • Video feedback of the performance

Courses can be run for any number of delegates and last between a half day and two days subject to requirement

…And Finally

Bringing all that we have learned and practised to bear we now give each person an IPAD with their initial presentation on it.

We invite them to first watch it back without sound to see what physical body language messages they can spot. We then ask them to watch it back with sound and critique their own performance.

Finally – each person has the chance to re-present their initial presentation having amended it in line with newly learned techniques and feedback from the facilitators.

This is just what we need!


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