Leadership is a BIG subject.

At Poisson Rouge we offer leadership development based on exploring key leadership behaviours that will allow individuals to flourish and companies to identify and grow the best possible talent for leading their business.

Poisson Rouge leadership interventions are always bespoke and range from one on one coaching with key accredited members of the Poisson Rouge People Development Team through to team workshops focussing on a diverse range of topics including:

Influencing, motivation, problem solving, fear, decision making, effective communication, stress management, strategic planning, change management, talent development, team building, problem solving, conflict management… and more.

Learning & Development

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Decision Making
  • Delegation
  • Effective Communication
  • Future Visioning
  • Leadership
  • Leadership Profiling
  • Leadership Vs Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Style
  • Talent Development
"It's better to have one person working with you - than three people working for you" Dwight D. Eisenhower




We start all leadership development processes with research (we call it ‘discovery’). This takes the form of telephone calls and meetings with the key stakeholder(s) to discuss, learn about and agree key objectives and opportunities for the leaders or potential leaders taking part.


The next phase is planning. Given the difficulty of finding a window in all the diaries of each member of a leadership team – the planning phase is essential to get the dates locked in.


Having a clear understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, similarities and differences of each person within a leadership team is vital to success. We use both individual and team profiling instruments to inform this (see section on Profiling)


We recommend leadership cohorts be 1.5 or 2 days with an overnight (although they can be single days if required). This allows the agenda to have enough space and ‘flex’ to include business ‘state of the nation’ style review time as well as the learning and development content. The overnight is an important part of the bonding and also presents an opportunity for more informal team building activity.


Leadership Development is an ongoing process (not an event). Often the ongoing development and maintenance of leadership behaviours requires individual, one on one coaching (see section on Coaching).


Where the participants are part of a talent development programme for high potentials and aspiring future leaders – we seek to set up a mentoring relationship for each person with an established senior leader.

This is just what we need!


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