Customer Service


Customer Service is a very big and very important subject.

Poisson Rouge offer strategic consultancy in how to optimise customer satisfaction and deliver maximum customer service.

The process we use has been tried and tested and offers a unique and powerful approach that is driven by those at the ‘coal face’ – and not by the consultants.


Learning & Development

  • Commerciality
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Focus
  • Customer Service
  • Extraordinary Results
  • Objective Feedback
  • Resource Management
  • Shared Expertise
  • Trust
"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand" Homer Simpson

How it Works

We use a methodology that we call “Tragic to Magic” or “T2M” for short.

T2M is a clever and simple process for helping your company become more customer centric. It’s about moving from thinking about your customers to thinking like your customers.

The T2M methodology is based on significant research and work carried out over many years by a number of world leading organisations in the field of customer service. The beauty of the process lies in its simplicity, its ease of delivery and its measurable benefit .

It is a process that is owned and driven by your people – especially those at the proverbial “coal face” who know most about what works and what doesn’t and what is happening in your customer interactions.

T2M – has a fabulous track record of success, is simple and is fun to participate in.

The Cycle of Service

The starting point is to spend some time identifying your company’s or your team’s cycle of service – in other words identifying each and every point at which you either

  • Are in the mind of your customer (we call these Thought Points)….. or
  • Actually physically interacting with the customer (we call these Touch Points)

We map these out in a cycle from customer intent to buy goods or services to the customer having actually transacted and received goods or services.

Tragic to Magic

Once we have identified all the ways in which you interact with your customer – we then identify at each point what works and what doesn’t – and where the interaction falls down or is Tragic we work with your teams to identify what it would take to rectify that and make it Magic

Clearly our intervention starts a process and then the baton is passed to your teams to take away the new ideas and make them work.

A poisson Rouge Cycle of Service – Customer Service workshop can last 1-2 days. We also provide support in rolling out the methodology across your business and helping you to ‘ train the trainer’.

This is just what we need!


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