Creativity & Innovation


CREATIVITY and INNOVATION are the life blood of Poisson Rouge and we do both – all the time!

There is however a very important difference between the two even though they are inextricably linked:

  • Creativity = thinking up new things
  • Innovation = doing new things

In the Poisson Rouge Creativity Workshop we take a fun, high energy look at the opportunities within your team and or entire business to be both creative and innovative.


Learning & Development

  • Creative Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Discovery
  • Extraordinary Results
  • Fun
  • Innovation
  • Motivation
  • Team Work
"If opportunity doesn't knock - build a door!" Milton Berle

How it Works

The mind (or more accurately the brain) like any other muscle in the body needs to be warmed up.

We begin the session with a series of short, fun exercises and games to open the receptors and get the brains ready to be creative.

CREATIVITY  – (Thinking new things)

We now move into a series of structured ‘creativity training’ activities – that we call “Playtime”. This involves taking well known concepts, products, and exploring what happens when you turn them on their head (ie we give each person an object – say a chair – and they have a short time to come up with a completely different use for that object.)

We look at examples of where new but simple creative ideas have revolutionised large sections of society or industry.

We explore how changing the way we think can improve our creativity (ie take the question – “how do you weigh and elephant?” and apply the rules that you must solve the problem using the mind set of a 5 year old).

Finally – having established the rules of engagement or more accurately challenged the concept that there are no rules – we then apply the process to your own business or team

If you remove ‘self limiting beliefs’ and move people on a journey from ‘caution’ to ‘bravery’ –  the results can be truly inspiring!

INNOVATION  – (Doing new things)

The most damaging or anti innovation viewpoint that you may hear a lot is “that’s just the way things are done around here”. Well the fact is that if you always do what you always did – you will always get what you always got.

Innovation is about looking for new ways of executing tasks and finding new tasks to execute

We start once again by considering examples both in the world at large and in our own lives where innovative thinking has had a profound effect on outcomes.

Then working in sub teams – we invite each team to consider an aspect of the team or company’s productivity and to come up with ideas for how you might make changes.


Finally – we take the best of the creative ideas, the best of the innovation ideas and prioritise them into an actionable list.

In a perfect world this list will have timelines and people will have volunteered to own and report back on that aspect of change.

This is just what we need!


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