People Development

  • Personal Impact

    A focussed approach to selling yourself, networking, being in control, having confidence, being self aware and overcoming self limiting belief.

  • Presentation Skills

    Presentation skills –  Delivering messages with impact, being heard,  being confident, being structured, being prepared and enjoying the ride.

  • Coaching

    Individual coaching for leaders, managers and team members – helping to achieve goals and optimise potential.

  • Leadership

    Delegation, Leadership Style, Effective Communication, Strategic Planning, Leadership Vs Management, Future Visioning, Leadership Profiling, Decision Making, Talent Development, Stress Management and Conflict Resolution.

  • Profiling

    Psychometric assessments, personality profiling, behavioural preference, emotional intelligence and team performance improvement instruments.

  • Drama Based Training

    Using dramatic techniques for change management, people development, staff engagement, product training, conflict management , sales development, conference presentation and more…

  • Creativity & Innovation

    A fun, high energy look at opportunities to be creative and innovative within your team or business.

  • Customer Service

    A unique, high impact methodology for driving Customer Service awareness and the delivery of Customer Delight in business.

  • Time Management

    A short, sharp, high impact look at effective time management practises.