Team Building Indoors

Team building is not about getting outside in all weathers, rock climbing, bungee jumping or crossing imaginary rivers with planks and ropes. We deliver team building indoors with an amazing selection of engaging challenges and activities that will have real impact (without any mud).

Team Building Indoors Has Impact

All companies and organisations want to get the best from their employee teams in all departments and functions. Team building can help do this. We work with your team in an engaging challenge which enables them to learn new skills, improve co-operation, communication and it will boost motivation.

If you have specific team development needs our team building challenges can be tailored to meet your development agenda objectives. Typically we get asked to focus on areas such as creativity, communication, co-operation, problem solving, resource and time management. Participants get to explore or practically experience these focus areas within the days activity and can then take their learning back to the workplace.

Find The Right Team Building Challenge

We have activities that will fit a full or half day; they can be stand alone or an integrated part of a conference or away day. We even have short twenty minute energisers that will  inject life and energy into your meeting. Take a look at the selection of effective challenges for team building indoors.

The Mosaic Challenge

This is a task that requires supreme team work. Participants will need to engage their creative thinking, presentation skills and good time management not to mention a competitive streak. It is great fun and compelling team building concept. See more >>

The Magic Challenge

This will put a spell on your team. They will focus on their presentation, influencing skills, performance and having fun. All tricks are yours to keep and where competition is required – points are awarded for the complexity of the magic performed and the skill with which they are done. Teams learn to embed magic into presentations around themes relevant to their team and company.

The activity is perfect for a half or full day. It will work well for large or small groups of people. See more >>

Chill Out Challenge

Feeling too stressed? The Chill Out Challenge is a unique team energiser activity for team building, as a conference or event energiser and as a team engagement activity.  This activity introduces participants to the many ways in which yoga can raise energy levels, conquer stress, develop teamwork and create peace of mind.

There are many elements and we tailor each activity to your group, your timings and your requirements which means this is a totally flexible activity. See more >>

There are many other indoor team building ideas on this site and we are constantly developing and adding new one’s but if you can’t see what you want – call us anyway because we’ll be happy to create one specifically for you.


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