Large Team Building Event For 1000+

A large team building event can be quite a challenge. Poisson Rouge should know as we have delivered many different events for larger sized groups all with their own individual requirements and desired outcomes. With our many years of experience we are able to deliver excellent results even when dealing with more than 1000 delegates and a challenging time frame.

Extra Large Team Building Event

In this case study we look at the brief and outcomes for what is our largest ever teambuilding event.

Our task was to engage 1000 new hires, graduates and interns as part of a major investment bank’s annual global graduate intake programme. Even for a large team building event the challenge was significant. We had to design, plan, manage the 1000 young new hires split into 64 teams through a series of 16 team building challenges.

The aim was to challenge individuals, promote networking and to create a chance to meet colleagues from around the world. At the same time it was a platform to have a look at how they behaved in a competitive and fun team challenge environment.

Turnaround time for the teambuilding event was very tight with only 10 minutes for each activity. The whole event was planned to fit into a 1.5 hour time frame culminating in all the 1000 (by then hungry and thirsty) delegates being invited to a massive BBQ and drinks reception.

Large Team Building Event Delivered

Although we have run this event for this bank for many years now – this was by far the largest group we have managed. The planning started with us securing a location in central London which could accommodate such a large group.

“Traffic flow was a challenge which you handled seamlessly and as a result it was a very successful evening. Most importantly the graduates seemed to have a good time! We are all very grateful for everything that you and your team did in bringing this together.”

The venue had to be large and capable of providing the required catering, safety, security and activity space. The venue also had to be easy to get to for the delegates after a full set of meetings in the City. Using our extensive venue finding knowledge and experience we chose the Kia Oval who were able to provide just what was needed.

Our delivery team on the day numbered 84 Poisson Rouge team members and the planning for this event took 9 months.

As a result of our meticulous preparation the event was a successs and the feedback was very positive and we are very proud of what we achieved.

You can find out more about how our team building works here >>

Are you planning a large event? If so we can probably help your business? Whatever your interest, it will all start with an email or phone call and a conversation. Why not get in touch.


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