International Event In Portugal

In March of this year, Poisson Rouge was tasked with the design, management, logistics, planning and delivery of a complex international event for a longstanding, asset management client.

Held over four days at the Pine Cliffs Resort, Albufeira, Portugal, the event saw 250 delegates take part in a series of international strategy meetings and a company-wide, plenary conference. They also enjoyed a wide range of extra-curricular programme activities from tennis to horse riding, golf to wine-tasting – with everyone participating in the much anticipated annual team building event – this year, the Pirate Challenge.

International Event Production

Poisson Rouge took care of every aspect of the conference from the production and audio visual for the meetings and plenary sessions, as well as organising flights, transfers, registration, signage, Gala Dinner, hospitality desk and every other conceivable aspect of delegate management and logistics. Poisson Rouge had a team of seven permanently on-site for the entire duration to make sure everything ran smoothly.

 “We have run this event every 12 -18 months since 2007 for this highly valued client. Over the years delegate numbers have climbed steadily and the participants have enjoyed many of our unique team building events including: the Art Challenge, the Rhythm Challenge, the Mosaic Challenge, the Ice Cream Challenge and the Canape Challenge.

This year the Pirate Challenge  made a big splash. Teams were tasked with designing and building racing pirate rafts from cardboard, tape and various floatation devices. This activity is highly competitive, creative and a lot of fun. It brings people together and asks them to explore different ways of working together to achieve their goals. We look forward to next year and to continuing to run this important annual conference in all of its complexity.” Mark Katz, Poisson Rouge MD

International Event Experience

If you are interested in running an international event for your business we have the experience to help. Please get in touch >>


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