Effective Communication

This month Poisson Rouge MD Mark Katz is thinking about communication and why it is so important:

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place”.
George Bernard Shaw

For me this resonates deeply. Communicating an important message and that message actually being received, interpreted and understood are often completely separate processes. Effective communication and understanding how to be effective when communicating lie at the very heart of everything we do at Poisson Rouge.

Communicating For Optimal Performance

For teams to optimise their performance they have to first learn how to get what they want from their colleagues and give their colleagues what they need. This comes from being able to understand and appreciate the similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses that exist within the team and then being to articulate what they need to communicate in a way that will best speak to those similarities and differences.

Let us consider an imaginary team in which two team members (we’ll call them James and Emma) have very different preferences for how they want to receive and transmit information. James operates best at a macro ‘big picture’ conceptual level, likes making snap decisions and is quite fast pace in his decision making and action. Meanwhile Emma operates best at a granular level – preferring to have plenty of detail, fact, analysis and data before committing to any decisions or actions. The key to success for these two colleagues working together will be in how they communicate. If James wants Emma’s buy-in and support for a project he must communicate with plenty of data and rationale and allow time in the communication for Emma to process. Equally if Emma wants James’ buy-in she must present short, bite sized chunks of information with the opportunity for quick decisions and action.

Developing Effective Communication

Good leadership depends on being able to articulate vision, transfer learning, advice and best practice to support, motivate and guide teams. Once again all predicated of being able to communicate effectively.

At the end of the day all facets of business depend on effective communication – sales, negotiation, marketing, supply chain, emergency procedure, service delivery, people development … and so much more.

At Poisson Rouge we can help develop the skills needed for individuals and leaders to be efficient communicators – Our team building, people development and event management services are all designed to foster inclusion, clarity, motivation, collaboration, teamwork, empathy and recognition all enabled by effective communication.

Poisson Rouge helps build better teams by developing strong communication skills. Find out more here >>

We also offer a range of personal and leadership development opportunities that have a focus on communication.


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