Building Team Performance In The Run Up To Christmas

Poisson Rouge is well known for improving team performance through creative team building events. This is never more important than when times are tough.

Unless you are lucky enough to have been living in Micronesia for the last 2 years where your biggest decision may have been whether or not to go fishing or have another coconut you may have noticed that the world has gone a little mad .

  • We have left Europe.
  • Trump will either be president or at least will have very nearly become president.
  • The Pound is at a 31 year low.
  • Canada can’t trade with the whole of Europe because a small bunch of Walloons in a village in Belgium objected.
  • Bake-Off has gone to Channel 4

…need we go on?

All this means business confidence is down – manufacturing is more expensive and companies need to make sure that their most valuable asset – their people – are motivated, reassured, focussed and performing.

The answer my friends is not blowing in the wind…(hmmm could be a song in that ) – the answer is to get your teams together – talk to them – have some fun – motivate them and work on being as successful and effective as you can possibly be.

We can help!

If you would like to explore what a creative team building activity could do for your team – have a look here for some inspiration –


There are many misnomers connected with Team Building – one of the main ones being that it has to be expensive – well it doesn’t.

The value of saying thank you – of treating your team like they matter by telling them exactly what is happening – by bringing them together and giving them permission to have some fun is all about creating self belief.

Whether you spend £50/head or £150/head ask yourself this question – what would it cost you or your company if your best people leave? How much will it cost to replace them – train them and re-galvanise the team in the face of uncertainty and fear?


The answer is DON’T

This is an investment in human capital and its impact is immeasurable.

There is however rationale for being prudent with your expenditure and to this end – combining your end of year festive celebrations with a team building activity makes perfect sense

Here are just a few team building ideas that lend themselves particularly well to being combined with Xmas festivities:..


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