There are two types of Incentives – Consumer incentives aimed at changing consumer behaviour (sometimes called Sales Promotion activities) and corporate incentives aimed at motivating increased performance and achievement of targets (often in sales) .

At Poisson Rouge we have a very long track record of experience and success in the design and implementation of corporate incentives in the form of incentive travel programmes and incentive events.

Incentive travel programmes and incentive events need by their nature to be unusual, creative, exciting and different to what people might organise for themselves of their own volition. They need to be aspirational, memorable and more than the sum of the cost alone.

Our role is not in just having the knowledge and experience of what destinations and activities will work but also in creating a communication platform that will tease, inspire and motivate the teams to achieve their goals and win a place on the programme.


"I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list." Susan Sontag

How it Works

At Poisson Rouge we provide a full Incentive travel service.

We have extensive knowledge of destinations around the world. We regularly attend many of the global MICE industry conferences and events (Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Events) and regularly send our teams and clients on ‘fam’ trips (familiarisation programmes) to discover new destinations and learn about what’s new and groovy in the incentive world.

1. Planning

We start by understanding your needs. We need to know:

  • Your budgets
  • Your timing (ie when will the programme launch and when will the actual travel programme or event need to take place)
  • What you have done before and importantly where have you been
  • What are your ‘rules’ (ie do you have a corporate policy about maximum numbers of people on one flight etc.)
  • Is it a spouse programme – ie will spouses be included / Invited
  • Content – will there be any business element to the event (ie meeting or conference)
  • Is it a tax paid incentive
  • Will the winners be drawn from an international base and if so be traveling to and from multiple destinations.

2. Creative Treatment

Once we understand your needs fully we then prepare a creative presentation submitting to you a list of destinations and programmes we know will work for your brief.

Our proposals will not just consider places or activities we we think you will like (or destinations you may have told us you are interested in) but also we will have considered all external factors such as the safety of the region, external events (ie major conferences or sporting activities taking place which may affect accommodation prices and availability), temperatures at that time of year and many other factors.

From our initial creative submission  (often 5 or six destinations / event options) we will then ask you to select two which we will ‘work up‘ into minute details covering every conceivable aspect of travel (inc flights), accommodation, activities, menus, gala dinners etc.

3. Site Inspection

Once the destination and outline programme has been agreed and / or in some cases a short list of 2 been selected pending decision – we will arrange site inspections for both a representative from your organisation and the designated Poisson Rouge Project Director.

4. Budgets and Value

We know that managing Incentive travel budgets – especially on complex overseas programmes – can be challenging.

We operate a full open costing system which means all costs and budget plans are pre agreed and available for inspection at any time.

We charge for our time only on a pre agreed daily rate and a pre agreed number of days to deliver the programme. There are no surprises.

Bought in goods and services have a pre-agreed management fee applied and exchange rates are applied at time of purchase for each element.

We work to your budget. You tell us what your budget is and we deliver the entire programmes within that budget including all elements of delivery and sensible allowance for contingency.

This is just what we need!

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