Simon Hayden


Simon is a senior associate of Poisson Rouge and an expert in all things ‘event production’.

Simon has been in the business of designing, managing and producing conferences, exhibitions, product launches and road shows for over 25 years.

He built his extensive experience and reputation by developing a business within the Mann Wardle Group which he subsequently sold to Saatchi and Saatchi.

He has had invaluable top level experience designing and producing events, conferences and road shows for some of the largest companies in the world.

Projects on which Simon has taken both lead and supporting roles vary in size and scale from Global product launch extravaganzas with budgets significantly in excess of £1million+ to small, one day meetings where production for the client has been almost an afterthought – no project is ever too big, too small or too much trouble.

During the past 15 years Simon has developed a very close working relationship with Poisson Rouge and has become the key ‘go-to’ associate for bespoke production solutions for many of Poisson Rouge’s unique team building and conference events.


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