Dawn Ellis


Dawn has been a trainer, coach and consultant in the organisational, corporate and public arenas since 1997.

Dawn has also been a friend and associate of Poisson Rouge for a great many years.

Executive Coach

Dawn specialises in coaching at senior and executive levels and derives huge satisfaction from supporting clients in handling internal and external blockages and helping them to be at their best as often as possible.

Dawn’s style is practical, no-nonsense, well informed, engaging and supported by numerous accessible techniques and methodologies.

“Dawn coached me through some important challenges during a period of significant change in our organisation. I have worked with a number of executive coaches in the past, but Dawn was particularly impressive and brought great psychological mindedness, insight and lightness of touch (she is great fun to work with as well as being hugely professional!). She combined empathy, strong coaching skills and years of experience to help me clarify my goals, understand what was getting in the way and what could help, and take action to deliver better results. “ Group Comms Director

Training and Consultancy Facilitator

Dawn works at all levels – from general assistants / customer advisors to Board members and training trainers.

Her areas of specialisation include work with AQ (Attitudinal Intelligence), Belbin team roles, leadership styles, communication and presentation skills, voice work, stress management, confidence at work, achieving Goals…and more.

Theatre / Performance & Storytelling

Dawn delivers workshops and performances of traditional story telling in corporate and non corporate organisations for both entertainment and / or as a powerful learning and insight tools.

“Stories are the most powerful weapon in a leaders arsenal” Howard Gardner – Harvard University

Recent Clients:

Recent projects have included work with Shell, Civil Aviation Authority, HBOS (Lloyds TSB), Molson Coors, Sainsburys, AF Blakemore, and many others

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