About Poisson Rouge

In the Beginning

Poisson Rouge started life as Red Fish Limited in March 1992. After 8 ‘whoah get me off this ride ‘ type years – Red Fish matured, put on a beret and dark glasses, lit a Gauloise cigarette and became Poisson Rouge.

What’s it all About?

Poisson Rouge is a London based consultancy providing often unique and always creative solutions for Team Building, People Development, Leadership Development and Event Management

Mission Impossible

Our Mission is to inspire, delight, motivate and help individuals, teams and entire organisations to become as talented, successful, commercial and creative as they can possibly be.

Our Favourite Words

Human / Enjoy / Brilliant / Lifestyle / Challenge /  Open / Successful / Honest /  Profit (yes we like this one too!)

Why We Get Out of Bed

At Poisson Rouge we get out of bed because we want to…

We are passionate about what we do and we get to work on a vast and diverse range of projects with fun and inspirational people, in great locations with spectacular results… So what’s not to like?

Our clients come to us for a great many reasons to help them with team building, team bonding, team merging, communication skills, motivation strategy, change management, learning and development, client entertainment, leadership development, conference and offsite planning, facilitation, executive coaching …The list is long but never boring.

Les Poissons

Our Clients