What Does Great Teamwork Sound Like?

Teams often talk about what great teamwork looks like and in many cases – feels like…but what does it sound like?

At a guess it would be fair to assume that the sound of a great team would be streamlined – where team members are in synch with each other – where everyone listens and speaks in equal measure – where tone, style, colour of voice, language, in house humour are all common to all people.

Great teams have a rhythm – a beat – a pulse. Great teams get into the ‘groove’ – and become one

Human beings have long used and responded to rhythmic sounds and especially drumming and song to convey warnings, tell stories and pass messages. When soldiers marched to war they marched to the call of the pipe and drum.

When workers toiled in the fields they sang to pass the day

Even today – every nation starts every international sports event belting out their National Anthem – it brings tears to the eyes and stirs the blood.

Football teams have their own chants

And then there’s the Hakka!

Developing Great Teamwork

There are a variety of different  Poisson Rouge team building challenges that use participation in musical and rhythmic activities to help teams come together, bond and experience delight in what a collective  effort (great teamwork) can achieve.

At Poisson Rouge music, rhythm, song, dance and percussion have long been a platform through which we help teams bond and develop. We provide specialist musical facilitation from accomplished music industry professionals (so no music talent is needed). These inspiring activities will leave participants energised, motivated and in awe of their own performance credentials.

Poisson Rouge can help boost your team find out more here on team building with music and many other inspiring ideas and challenges >>




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