Tasty Team Building With Food

You want to do some work to boost your team but need something that will engage with everyone in it. Its a common problem where there are often individuals sceptical about the value of team building activities or just not into a physical day out. We have the engaging solutions with this tasty selection of team building with food events and challenges.

Team Building With Food Is Effective

Few things bring people together like food and drink. These food challenges require the participants to find, make, design, create, promote and sell products. What they discover is that without working as a team they just don’t succeed. There are no ropes, planks or long cycle rides instead these challenges use corks, chopping boards, labels, whisks, ice cream machines, scales, bottles and aprons.

Our challenges are designed to boost communication and presentation skills, encourage creativity, product development and innovation, develop customer focus, improve time management and get your team having fun working together

Team Building With Food Top Three

Chocolate Challenge – A fun team building event in which you get to learn about chocolate, make chocolate, eat chocolate and leave with a stunning box of delicious, hand made chocolate truffles (made by you). Find out more here >>

Wine Challenge – A team building challenge in which teams design, blend, bottle, label and promote a new wine. (It all starts with a wine tasting.) Find out more here >>

Ice Cream Challenge – Your team has just a few hours to create a new ice cream product, brand it, package it , make it, promote it and then – of course – eat it (Yum!) Find out more here >>

These different challenges can usually be designed to fit into different timescales from a couple of hours to a whole day, as a stand alone activity or as part of a days events. We can customise our challenges to reflect what you need for your team. Get in touch and let us know what you need we are happy to help

You can see more food and drink related challenges here >>


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