Lions Team Building Success Challenge

Last month saw the announcement of the British & Irish Lions squad to tour New Zealand this summer. As a die-hard rugby fan, the Lions Vs the All Blacks is to my mind the greatest and fiercest sporting contest on Earth and for me – and many more like me – it makes the blood run hot and cold with anticipation.

As of now, the speculation, the excitement, the debate have all started. The players are gearing up, the pundits sharpening their pencils, the global audience waiting with much anticipation for the first whistle – the first kick.

Team Building Success Challenge

Yet, with my non-rugby, professional team building expert hat on, this unique series inspires questions, intrigue and debate. After all, here is a group of men – very, very large men at that – who spend their entire professional lives focusing on, and training for, one purpose and one purpose only; tearing lumps out of each other for club and country. And yet with one wave of the magic ‘Lions’ wand, they are suddenly and permanently joined at the hip, unified at once into a team, an army, that will follow each other in to battle and die for each other no matter what. Gone in an instant are the hostilities and competition that has gone before.

In a way the Lions team breaks all the rules. It binds a group of disparate players almost instantly whilst transcending culture, education, partisan allegiance, rivalry, training, background, nationality for what some might see as higher calling, something more important, something almost mystical or religious – the ultimate TEAM.

Team Building Success Factors

So what is the Lions ‘X’ factor that makes the entire squad unite so quickly and so deeply under that banner? For my part, I think it’s about honour, shared goals, mutual respect, public recognition and a desire to be the very best of the best based on a driving passion for what they do. And it’s perhaps this ethic that we at Poisson Rouge seek to engender when we work closely with our clients and their employees to develop their teams. Mutual respect, understanding and a desire to be the best. We bring our team building experience and expertise to bear with the clear aim of bringing each individual’s unique skills to the fore – but within the bigger context of team success and not just individual performance.

Come on you Lions!

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