Is A Squid In the Face Team Motivation?

I has been widely reported recently that in a Manchester call centre, allowed the winners of competing sales teams to set a bizarre forfeit for the other side. This resulted in the highly unusual spectacle of squid and octopus being lowered onto the anxious faces of the losers. This activity condoned by the business was considered to be acceptable team motivation. It was reported also as being a ‘team building forfeit game’.

We think that whilst this type of activity can appear superficially entertaining it is unlikely to be motivating or building for the whole team. Closer to the truth was a comment from a former employee, (who asked to remain anonymous), when they said ‘Some people are laughing in the video but some people look scared.” Unhappy or worried team members are unlikely to motivated and unlikely to be performing up to their potential.

Phone video clips of these forfeits taking place have leaked onto the internet and into the press making for some uncomfortable reading for the company involved.

If you want to motivate you teams with some unique, exciting, alternative, inspiring and fun team building activity without a squid in site. We can help.

Team Motivation For The Whole Team

Our team building challenges can be inside or out all day or short and sharp but all effective. We can work with large or small groups and all manner of venues (we can find great locations for you  too).

Our activities are designed to boost communication, competition, creative thinking, co-operation, leadership motivation, problem solving, time management and more. Another key outcome is a good dose of fun and laughter.

You can browse through a selection of our team building challenges and activities that will engage and develop all members of your team. More here >> If you don’t see one you like – we’ll create one just for you.

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