Ice Cream Team Building Challenge

Does your team need a bit of a lift? An ice cream team building challenge could be the ideal activity. It will be a good fit for any team with a sweet tooth, foodie enthusiasm or maybe just a perfect idea for the summer months.

Such an attractive idea ensures that your team will be really enthused in advance and have real fun on the day, engaging with the challenge and benefiting from the learning.

This is a very flexible activity that can stand alone as a one or two hour event or fit in as an integrated part of a whole days team building activity.

How The Ice Cream Team Building Challenge Works

This could be the tastiest team building challenge we have ever created. Each team must identify their target market, design and create a new ice cream product, promote it, create a marketing launch presentation. As a finale they need to produce a short TV commercial which can be either filmed or performed live.

As well as the creative and practical aspects of making ice cream participants will be required to manage their time and communicate with each other. The product launch, consumer targeting and advertising will stretch their commercial and marketing skills.

“The day went very well and the Ice Cream Challenge was very entertaining! The Poisson Rouge team were also fantastic and everyone had a really good time. Thank you”


With so much packed into one activity this has remained one of our most popular challenges ever.

You can find out more about the ice cream challenge here >>

Are you planning some team building (with or without ice cream)? If so we can probably help your business? Whatever your interest, it will all start with an email or phone call and a conversation. Why not get in touch.


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